Superior Fescue Plus

Our Superior Fescue sod incorporates a variety of tall fescue grasses. For the sod to hold together, it needs grasses with rhizomes. Rhizomes refer to roots that grow both above and beneath the soil. When sod is harvested, the root system is cut. The rhizomes hold the sod together to keep it from falling apart. They also help repair the sod by forming new growth when exhibiting damage, thinning, or bare spots. Our Superior Fescue sod not only repairs itself, but deep roots help save watering time.

5 Reasons to Choose Superior Fescue Plus:

  • Locally Grown – Professionally grown, harvested and shipped from Chino, CA

  • Strong Root System – Deep roots help save watering time, provides high wear tolerance and helps the lawn withstand hot summer temperatures

  • Performs in Sun or Shade – Easily adapts to a broad range of environmental conditions and sod types

  • Latest Technology – Provides sod rich in color, thickness, and texture

  • Most Popular Lawn – Excellent choice for sod production, residential lawns and sports turf

Cool Season

Drought Tolerance 90
Disease Resistance 80
Wear Recovery 90
Shade Tolerance 55
Heat Tolerance 90