Northern and Central California Native Lawn Sod Products:

All Blends, once established, will require approximately 50% LESS WATER compared to traditional sod varieties. Grown on DEGRADABLE NETTING.

Blends Best for Urban or Residential Landscape Areas:

The first native lawn sod that can withstand mowing. Suggested mowing height ranges from 2 to 6 inches.

Native Bentgrass™

The industry’s 1st choice for native lawn areas. Native Bentgrass™ delivers excellent durability, exceptional recovery and a dark green turf mat.

Thrives in full sun and partial shade. Withstands low mowing heights. Its strong mat provides an effective weed barrier. Extremely drought tolerant. Uniform growth habit. Excellent wear recovery due to self repairing rhizomes.

Native Mow Free™

A low maintenance compliment to natural landscapes. This versatile grass can be maintained as a turf lawn or left unmowed.

Contains two native fine fescues and one highly naturalized variety. Excellent shade and cold tolerance. Deep green glossy leaves. Slow growing, narrow leafed grass with blades that are very lax and flexuous. Provides soil stabilization for sloped areas.

Delta Grassland Mix™

A premium soft grass with botanical emerald green color. Provides a unique contrast when planted in ornamental settings.

Narrow fine leafed texture. Moderate wear resistance. Slow growing, tuft forming, clumping grass. Persists under drought conditions. Prefers to grow in partial shade and tolerates full sun.

Blends Best for Enviromental Landscape Areas:

For bio-swales, roadsides, medians, irrigation canals, erosion control and environmental mitigation areas.

Biofiltration Sod™

Revolutionizing the development of native grasses on roadsides, bio-swales and other environmental mitigation areas.

A combination of coarse and fine bladed grasses that create an excellent weed barrier. Withstands extreme heat in full sun conditions. Adapts to most soil types. Reduces soil erosion. Will recharge and purify ground water.

Delta Native Heartland Sod™

A combination of grasses that coexist well in most soil conditions. These perennial sod forming grasses provide a natural increase in the biodiversity of your native grass population.

Fine to medium leaf blades. Excellent drought tolerance. Grows in full sun and partial dry shade. Creates a natural diverse habitat for wildlife.

Native Preservation Mix™

The complex beauty of native grasses are showcased in this dark green, fine textured sod.

Narrow fine leafed texture. Naturally drought resistant. Withstands partial shade and full sun. Excellent for sloped hillsides, median and roadside applications.

Various Blends Comparison:

Maintained & Irrigated
Blend NameLeaf TextureSoil TypeWater UseShade ToleranceWater ToleranceMowing Height
Native Bentgrass™MediumAllLowPartialHigh2 to 4 inches
Native Mow Free™FineAllLowPartialMedium4 to 6 inches
Delta Grassland Mix™FineAllLowPartialMedium-Low4 to 6 inches
Biofiltration Sod™Medium-FineAllLowFull SunLow4 to 6 inches
Delta Native Heartland Sod™Medium-FineAllLowPartialLow4 to 6 inches
Native Preservation Mix™FineAllLowPartialMedium4 to 6 inches
Non-Maintained & Non-Irrigated
Blend NameLeaf TextureSoil TypeWater UseShade ToleranceWater ToleranceMowing Height
Native Bentgrass™MediumAllDuring EstablishmentPartialHigh12 to 18 inches
Native Mow Free™FineAllDuring EstablishmentPartialMedium18 to 24 inches
Delta Grassland Mix™FineAllDuring EstablishmentPartialMedium-Low18 to 24 inches
Biofiltration Sod™Medium-FineAllDuring EstablishmentFull SunLow18 to 31 inches
Delta Native Heartland Sod™Medium-FineAllDuring EstablishmentPartialLow18 to 31 inches
Native Preservation Mix™FineAllDuring EstablishmentPartialMedium18 to 24 inches

*Ratings based on current and on-going studies. Management and cultural practices have not been completely developed within the native grass community.