Step One

Look at the different Products available in your area.

Step Two

Check out the Articles page to learn how to successfully establish and maintain your new lawn. If we are going to provide installation of your sod (not available in all areas), you are going to want to read the Preparation section of the Preparation and Installation guide. If you are going to install your own sod, it will be important for you to read the entire the articles in the Lawn Sod Preparation & Installation section. Also, the Sod Care guide is critical information that you will need to follow once you receive your sod.

Step Three

At this point you should be comfortable with our Ordering Terms. It might also be important for you to review our website Terms of Use and Privacy Statement.

Step Four

Call us with any questions you have about the different Blends and Varieties, how you can measure to get the square footage of sod needed, and/or any other questions you may have. Our staff will be pleased to help answer all your questions. If you need more time to prepare your grounds, now is the time, or if you are ready, you can move to the next step right now.

If you do not want to call you can always use email to get a quote or ask questions.

To get a quote via email, view the available products for your area, and have us suggest the best type of lawn sod for your project please go to the Get a Lawn Sod Quote page.

If your area is not listed on the Get a Lawn Sod Quote page then you should visit our Products & Services page where you can drill down to your area and find local lawn sod suppliers and/or other related information.

Step Five

When you are ready for your sod order we will calculate out the cost of your sod project, take credit card payment over the phone, and secure your delivery day. Your credit card is not charged until the delivery day is confirmed. Please understand that we need at least two days to process your order and have the sod delivered to your house, or job site.

Step Six

Proof of payment will be emailed or faxed to you for your records.

Step Seven

If for any reason you need to cancel your sod order please refer to the Ordering Terms page and call us right away.

Step Eight

Lawn Nation should be able to place a courtesy call with a delivery window the day before your order is to be shipped to your house, or job site. If you have requested for us to do your sod installation, we will also provide you an installation time window as well.

Step Nine

When the sod arrives at your house, or job site, you may need to sign for the sod. Once the sod has been delivered it will be important for the sod to be installed before it dries out. If you are having us provide installation for you, then just sit back, relax, and wait for the installation crew to come during their installation window.

Step Ten

Again, please abide by the Sod Care guide. This will ensure a successful sod job.

Step Eleven

If there is a problem after the delivery or installation please contact Lawn Nation and we will work to resolve your problem. Pictures of your sod problem will be required for further action. It is essential that we follow a certain process in order to keep our quality products at the best prices possible.