Performance Fescue

Performance Fescue is a true turf-type tall fescue which has a moderate growth habit and is green all year. Preferred by landscape contractors, Performance Fescue is bred for low maintenance performance and remains a good choice for homeowner use. This low maintenance, deep rooted blend tolerates heat, humidity, drought, and some shade. It also has very little thatch and winters well. Performance Fescue is comparable to Marathon™ and Medallion™.

5 Reasons to Choose Performance Fescue:

  • 100% turf-type tall fescue

  • Stands up better to high traffic areas

  • Adapts to shade and sun

  • Good color, low maintenance

  • Deep rooted and drought tolerant

Cool Season

Drought Tolerance 90
Disease Resistance 80
Wear Recovery 85
Shade Tolerance 55
Heat Tolerance 90