The First 14 Days are Critical

Keep the lawn moist at all times, preferably by frequent light sprinklings. The watering process should be repeated three times a day, at 8 am, 11 am, and 2 pm (early morning and early afternoon), every day. DON’T LET THE LAWN DRY OUT!!! Remember the key is keeping it moist, not soaked. Too much [...]

Aeration Benefits run Deep

Aeration is one of the most important maintenance practices we can employ to help the lawn remain healthy and help ward off problems. It is estimated that over two-thirds (2/3) of residential lawns are growing on compacted soils. Many times, there is no evidence of insect or disease activity, but the lawn seems to [...]

Dog-On-It Lawn Problems

Urine Spots making my lawn look like a leopard please help! Dog urine and feces can often be a frustrating problem related to lawn care. Small amounts may produce a green up or fertilizer effect while larger amounts often result in lawn burn or dead patches. While most burn spots will recover with time [...]

Easy Care and Repair Tips for Rejuvenating Your Lawn

Wrapped up in our day-to-day work, family and leisure activities, it’s easy to delay doing anything about the increasingly worn or dead spots that sometimes appear in your otherwise beautiful lawn. Although repairing these unsightly areas may seem like a complicated, drawn out process, there’s a fast and easy solution that gives immediate results, according to [...]

Home Lawn Care Programs That Work

Having one of the best-looking and environmentally sound lawns in your neighborhood can be accomplished easier than you may think. You may still encounter some lawn “problems” during the year, but you can reduce their probability by faithfully following the lawn care programs outlined in this brochure. There are three (3) key parts to [...]

Turfgrass…Made In The Shade

Growing turfgrass in shade is a major problem for many homeowners because an estimated 20 to 25 percent of all grassy areas in the U.S. are shaded to varying degrees.  While it’s not always advisable to even try to maintain beautiful grass in all shaded conditions, the not-for-profit Turf Resource Center recommends the following [...]

Watering New Turfgrass Sod – When…How…How Much

Water is essential to all life…too little water and we die, too much and we drown. The same is true of the grass in our lawns. Water makes up 70% to 80% of the weight of our lawn grasses and the clippings alone are nearly 90% water. While most people are concerned about not [...]

What You Need to Know About Home Lawn Fertilizers

A well-planned, reasonable fertility program is a basic part of proper lawn maintenance. Lawngrasses that are under-fertilized tend to be thin with poor color. Lawns that are over-fertilized, especially with high levels of soluble nitrogen fertilizer, tend to have thatch problems and are more prone to insect and disease damage. The goal of a [...]

Creating a Low Maintenance Lawn

What a wonderful world it would be if we could discover the lawn grass that stayed green year-round, never had to be watered, fertilized, or sprayed and only occasionally mowed. While the cruel side of Mother Nature probably won’t ever allow such a thing to happen, there is a lot that we can do [...]

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