What’s the Best Grass for My Lawn?

This is the most frequently asked question of The Lawn Institute by homeowners. The answer depends on a number of factors, such as, general geographic location for turfgrass adaptation (cool season or warm season grasses), the amount of sun and shade, the amount of traffic or play, watering practices, and the general level of [...]

Buying Quality Sod

Although all turfgrass sod may appear at first glance to be similar, consumers need to appreciate that there are often very important differences between apparently similar sods. These differences can have an affect on the potential of the grass to successfully establish and provide long term quality. Therefore, it is important that purchasers of sod know [...]

Self-Scoring Method How to Establish a Lawn

Properly established and maintained lawns are a life-time investment, adding to the value of the property, its safe, clean and enjoyable use and even a benefit to the environment as the tightly inter-woven plants of a mature lawn clean the air by releasing oxygen as it uses carbon dioxide, traps particulate pollution and cleanses [...]

Tall Fescue Turf Specifications

Characteristics: Cool-season grass – medium to dark green color, moderate density – more extensive root system than any other cool-season turfgrass. Texture ranges from coarse to medium for newer turf-types. A bunch-type grass. Recommended Usage: Very good transition zone grass – adapted to moderately cold winters and warm summers – good tough play lawn – recommended [...]

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