How Turfgrass affects the Environment

OUR PRECIOUS PLANET Being A True Environmentalist Begins Right Under Our Feet Turfgrass – Functional, Recreational & Aesthetic The earth has been good to us, but we haven’t always been good to it. While industry and technology have provided jobs and goods to make life easier, the effect on the environment has been substantial. [...]

MYTH BUSTING: Are Lawns A Waste Of Time and Money?

Anti-Turfgrass Statements * 23 million acres of grass in the U.S. is too much grass! * $25 billion spent on lawns annually is excessive! * Lawncare takes too much of our time, we are slaves to grass! The Real Grass Facts 1. TURF’S PLACE IN LAND-USE: Turfgrass is more than just an eye-appealing, homelawn feature. [...]

Turfgrass Sod vs. Other Erosion Control Methods (A Cost / Benefit Analysis)

Studies show that turfgrass sod stops erosion immediately… unlike grass seed, mulch or blankets. Erosion control eliminates the cost of erosion control failures. Cost / Benefit Analysis of Turfgrass Sodding for Control Erosion As early at 1986, a U.S. Geologically Survey funded project at The Pennsylvania State University documented that grassed areas established with [...]

How The Environment Benefits From a Well-Maintained Lawn

Each of us is becoming more environmentally conscious and willing to “pitch in” to help the environment in our own way. Most of us are now recycling aluminum cans and plastic containers, taking our used motor oil to participating stations, purchasing more energy-efficient appliances for our homes, and willing to buy more products made [...]

MYTH BUSTING: Are Grass Clippings Clogging Our Landfills?

Anti-Turfgrass Statements *The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) says at least one-third of all landfill material is yard waste and most of that is grass clippings. *10-33% of the total waste stream in landfills is yard waste and grass clippings account for 2/3 of all yard waste. The Real [...]

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