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Watering New Turfgrass Sod – When…How…How Much

Water is essential to all life…too little water and we die, too much and we drown. The same is true of the grass in our lawns. Water makes up 70% to 80% of the weight of our lawn grasses and the clippings alone are nearly 90% water. While most people are concerned about not [...]

What You Need to Know About Home Lawn Fertilizers

A well-planned, reasonable fertility program is a basic part of proper lawn maintenance. Lawngrasses that are under-fertilized tend to be thin with poor color. Lawns that are over-fertilized, especially with high levels of soluble nitrogen fertilizer, tend to have thatch problems and are more prone to insect and disease damage. The goal of a [...]

Creating a Low Maintenance Lawn

What a wonderful world it would be if we could discover the lawn grass that stayed green year-round, never had to be watered, fertilized, or sprayed and only occasionally mowed. While the cruel side of Mother Nature probably won’t ever allow such a thing to happen, there is a lot that we can do [...]

How Turfgrass affects the Environment

OUR PRECIOUS PLANET Being A True Environmentalist Begins Right Under Our Feet Turfgrass – Functional, Recreational & Aesthetic The earth has been good to us, but we haven’t always been good to it. While industry and technology have provided jobs and goods to make life easier, the effect on the environment has been substantial. [...]

MYTH BUSTING: Are Lawns A Waste Of Time and Money?

Anti-Turfgrass Statements * 23 million acres of grass in the U.S. is too much grass! * $25 billion spent on lawns annually is excessive! * Lawncare takes too much of our time, we are slaves to grass! The Real Grass Facts 1. TURF’S PLACE IN LAND-USE: Turfgrass is more than just an eye-appealing, homelawn feature. [...]

Turfgrass Sod vs. Other Erosion Control Methods (A Cost / Benefit Analysis)

Studies show that turfgrass sod stops erosion immediately… unlike grass seed, mulch or blankets. Erosion control eliminates the cost of erosion control failures. Cost / Benefit Analysis of Turfgrass Sodding for Control Erosion As early at 1986, a U.S. Geologically Survey funded project at The Pennsylvania State University documented that grassed areas established with [...]

Site Preparation Steps

“The beauty is in the blades, but the ‘action’ is in the roots,” is a good adage to remember when growing grass. Thus, the value of proper site preparation and soil improvement, before any planting takes place, is that it will be easier for the grass roots to penetrate deeply and evenly. Deep roots [...]

Avoiding New Lawn Failures

Hopes are high for a beautiful new lawn after you’ve spent the time, money and energy to plant that seed or lay the sod.  But reality doesn’t always deliver on that hope and what was a daydream becomes a nightmare. What goes wrong for many homeowners? According to the Turf  Resource Center, (TRC), a [...]

Hot Weather Installation

It is summer time, and many lawns are being sodded. The heat and humidity of summer can present some challenges to the rooting of new sod. Here are some helpful hints. 1. Before you get your new sod: water the ground 1-2 days prior to Installation. This will provide valuable water for the sod, and [...]

How YOU Can Botch the Start of a Sodded Lawn

To someone who has been professionally involved with turfgrass and sod for more years than he would care to count, I’m still amazed to see how something as simple as sodding a new lawn can get so botched. Sometimes even so-called professional landscapers can create a nightmare rather than a lawn, but most often [...]