KURAPIA® is a drought tolerant groundcover sod product.

. Once established, Kurapia® requires 60% less watering than a Fescue grass.

. Less mowing: 1-2 times a month but can go without being mowed for a more natural groundcover look.

· Natural Pollinator

· Shade Tolerant

· Light-Moderate Traffic

· Thick Dense Growth Suppresses Weeds

· Low Growing 1-3″ High

· Flowers: Small White (Bloom May-November)

· Root System Prevents Soil Erosion

· Sterile Plant Prevents Spreading By Reseeding

· Withstands low and high pH soils

· Tolerates soils containing high salt concentration

Long Term Irrigation Strategy:

Once fully established, Kurapia roots may go as far as 5-10 feet below the soil surface, when properly irrigated. Deep irrigation will encourage deep rooting and decrease watering sessions. There is no one irrigation recommended for Kurapia: water needs will vary by local climate, soil type, time of the year, and both type of irrigation system and irrigation methods. In general, an established Kurapia planting will require a minimum of one irrigation a week to hold green color, two irrigations a week may be necessary to hold the same green color in excessively hot weather.


One time in the Spring for growth and flowering. If desired, 1 time in the Fall can help retain color. 2lbs of Nitrogen/1000 sqft per year.


An early mowing establishment period will encourage more runners, for faster fill in. Doesn’t not require mowing if a natural groundcover look is desired. Set mower to remove 1/3 of top growth.

*Not recommended: over 5000 ft elevation or temperatures under 20F